International Timber Week events discuss new technologies for wood preservation and processing

Integrating the entire industrial timber production chain is the main goal of the 2nd International Timber Week’s, a series of trade fairs and technical events taking place this year, from September 19th to 22nd in Curitiba, Brazil. Following the first edition, an absolute success in terms of attendance and effective business deals (especially in the Lignum Brazil and Timber & Construction Expo trade fairs), the 2nd International Timber Week will have an even more complete program, fully encompassing all the technical aspects tied to sustainable industrial timber production.

The greatest step forward was the creation of two highly specialized technical conferences, designed to further develop the high-levl discussion of technical knowledge at the International Timber Week – namely, WoodProtection – South American Conference on Wood Protection Technologies and ProWood – South Ameircan Conference on Wood Transformation and Benefication Technologies.

The WoodProtection conference was conceived to fulfill a lack of technical knowledge in the wood preservation market, as such techniques are vital for high quality wood products. ProWood, on the other hand, is the first event of its kind in the country, a conference fully focused on the day-to-day reality of the wood processing market, aiming to provide ample growth and development opportunities for companies working with applied technologies for wood transformation and benefication.

While WoodProtection is an event organized by ABPM (Brazilian Association of Wood Preservation Companies), FG4mad and Malinovski, ProWood is held by Malinovski and co-promoted by Embrapa Florestas.

These two events will discuss, in an innovative manner, new technologies, trends and technical processes directly linked to the reality of the market and the industry, providing technical updating, case studies of highly successful companies,  discussions with professionals actively working in these fields and great opportunities for specialized professional networking.

Participating in these events is clearly advantageous, as their aim is to provide practical knowledge that can be applied by professionals working in the industry today to maximize earnings in the future.


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